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Monday February 17, 2020
9:00 pm

Empire Builders
Christian Empires: Byzantium, the Crusades and Venice

Episode #103 | 50 min.


In this episode of EMPIRE BUILDERS we explore ten sites that made history. In modern-day Istanbul, we visit Byzantium's greatest church, the Haghia Sophia; and, we see the Crusaders' greatest fortress, Crac de Chevalier in modern-day Syria. In Venice, St. Marks Basilica proves to be a showcase of the Venetian Empire at its peak. Together, through these great sites and others, we navigate the rise and fall of the great Christian empires of Byzantium, the Crusades and Venice.

10:00 pm

Walk in the Park with Nick Molle: Nature of the Beasts

56 min.


Over the past several years, Rocky Mountain National Park has experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation as millions of travelers explore our national parks. The impact is stressing the park infrastructure and ecosystem, as well as the nearby community. A WALK IN THE PARK WITH NICK MOLLE: NATURE OF THE BEASTS examines the underlying changes taking place in Rocky Mountain National Park, the challenges park rangers face, and the effects of increased visitation and town population surges on wildlife. It also looks at the possible paths forward to preserve the park's environment for both humans and animals. Filmmaker and host Nick Molle of the A Walk in the Park series of specials (in distribution through Exchange) explores the park on foot and snowshoe, pointing out the diversity of wildlife living there, such as the pika, a cousin to the rabbit whose numbers are dwindling. He also speaks with experts about how climate change is impacting the Rocky Mountain ecosystem, including: Darla Sidles, superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park; Dr. Scott Denning, professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University; and Dr. Chris Ray from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado; among others. Though visitation is rising, A WALK IN THE PARK WITH NICK MOLLE: NATURE OF THE BEASTS looks at how education, positive park experiences and a newfound appreciation for the wilderness landscape can help spur these legions of visitors to create constructive change for a park in peril.

11:00 pm

PBS NewsHour

Episode #12766 | 57 min.